Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wat Samret

Wat Samret is one of the lesser known gems of Koh Samui. It is located near Hua Thanon Village on the 4169 road between Lamai and Laem Set beaches on the east coast. Wat Samret is a fairly small and unassuming temple from the inside. It, however, has a small chapel, that the monks will open up on request. If not you can see inside from window slats.

Inside this chapel there is a large collection of stone Buddha statues all crowded together in a small space. As is tradition in Thailand these statues are draped in saffron robes in similar style to Thai monks.

The most prominent statues are a large seated Buddha and a large reclining Buddha. All the Buddha statues are guardians for the ancient White Marble Buddha in the chapel that is meant to have come all the way from India.

Other things worthy of note about Wat Samret is that it has one of the largest trees on the island behind. In the grounds there is a packed grave yard that is worth a look. It contains the grave of one foreigner.

As with Wat Khunaram a trip to Wat Samret offers something different for the visitor. For those bored of gold wats with tall roofs both these places will be of interest.

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